Society of Silence

Our society is in a stand-off with moderation. We mistakenly believe that a person who favors points from both sides of the aisle is wishy-washy and overall yielding in their views. This misconception stems from our idea of strength; maintaining our ideological grounds relentlessly and passionately is seen as holding a strong view. However, real … More Society of Silence

Trading Our Future

 Development has always come with an obligatory trade-off. The first alarming trade-off was the human labor problems related to the industrial revolution. In the U.S, the Progressive Movement created human labor laws which combatted the majority of these problems. (It is important to note that labor regulation is still a major problem in other parts … More Trading Our Future

Rhyme and Reason

“History does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes” -Mark Twain If history rhymes then we are set up for a full-fledged sonnet. Almost a year to this date (April 7th, 2017) Americans responded to the chemical attacks of the Syrian Assad regime by launching 58 tomahawk missiles. Shortly before the chemical attack, president Trump … More Rhyme and Reason

Divided We Fall

In times of crisis we are faced with a choice: walk together or walk alone. Our nation has sadly chosen the second option. Instead of focusing on what we have in common we have allowed our individual differences to divide us so severely that recent atrocious events, such as the Las Vegas shooting, have only … More Divided We Fall

Calling It Like It Is, Islamic-Terrorism Edition

I feel compelled to write on this topic due to the consistent reoccurrence of the following arguments: Terrorism is not the greatest threat facing our country The rebuttal that “Christians are terrorists too” Calling these attacks “Radical Islamic terrorism” is politically incorrect These extremist groups have waged a war against the western world, as exemplified … More Calling It Like It Is, Islamic-Terrorism Edition

How Did This Happen?

Last week, the question “How did this happen?” was uttered by millions of Americans after the results of the presidential race were revealed. To answer this question, we have to reflect back on ourselves to understand how this outcome occurred. The news coverage during this election was primarily anti-Trump, however, this only added fuel to … More How Did This Happen?