Calling It Like It Is, Islamic-Terrorism Edition

I feel compelled to write on this topic due to the consistent reoccurrence of the following arguments: Terrorism is not the greatest threat facing our country The rebuttal that “Christians are terrorists too” Calling these attacks “Radical Islamic terrorism” is politically incorrect These extremist groups have waged a war against the western world, as exemplified … More Calling It Like It Is, Islamic-Terrorism Edition

How Did This Happen?

Last week, the question “How did this happen?” was uttered by millions of Americans after the results of the presidential race were revealed. To answer this question, we have to reflect back on ourselves to understand how this outcome occurred. The news coverage during this election was primarily anti-Trump, however, this only added fuel to … More How Did This Happen?

I’m Calling Bias

  Is there bias in the media? Is the sky blue? Bias is so commonplace that we don’t even recognize that it’s present. We mindlessly watch FOX and CNN, oblivious to the blatant one-sided nature of the “News”. When I say that the media is one-sided, I don’t mean that ALL media is left leaning, … More I’m Calling Bias

Lets talk Libertarian

  Let’s get one misconception out of the way: Libertarian is NOT the same as Liberal, they are also separate from Conservatives. Now that you are thoroughly confused, allow me to introduce you to the Libertarian party. Socially, the Libertarian party operates on the following ideals: “We hold that all individuals have the right to exercise … More Lets talk Libertarian